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How to protect your eyes from UV Light?

Protection from UV light is important to everyone at any age. UV light causes multiple level of damage to our eyes:

  1. Cataracts (clouding of the lenses in our eyes),

  2. Eyelid cancer,

  3. Macular degeneration, and

  4. Crow feet (wrinkles on our eyelids).

Our eyecare professionals at MEC and Costco Optical recommend children starting at 5 years of age should wear sunglasses or transitions glasses that will protect them from UV damage.

Our Doctors and staff at MEC will thoroughly discuss with you regarding Sunglasses/Transitions at your annual Eye Health Exam.

The staff at Costco Optical will highlight the different grades of shades in polarized sunglasses and transitions.

Schedule your Eye Health Exam at MEC today!

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