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Eye Health Exam
  • Thorough examination of your eye health

  • Includes Optomap Screening

  • Detailed review of your general health

  • Accurate and personalized eyeglass prescription based on your lifestyle

Eye Exam
  • We specialize in:

    • Dry Eyes​​

    • Diabetic Eye Exam

    • Cataract Evaluation

    • Red Eyes

    • Eye Infections

    • Glaucoma

Contact Lens
  • Contact lens  prescription most suitable for your lifestyle

  • Multiple lens choices

    • Daily Disposable
    • Monthly/2 -Week

    • Astigmatism

    • Multifocal

If you are experiencing any unusual effects in your vision, contact our office directly at (586) 745-0863.

After hours, please visit an urgent care or emergency room for vision care.

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